We provide third party outbound and inbound logistics (3PL) services through warehouses in Athens/Piraeus and Thessaloniki. EU status and bonded customs bonded warehousing available. Stock turn and stock cover indices calculate on the basis of provided annual demand forecasts, grouped items are classified on basis of ABC analysis on criteria of monetary unit value and annual usage and safety stocks are monitored for 90%, 95% and 99% “on shelf availability”. The vast majority of the cargo receiving logistics services represents finished goods and very small proportion raw materials. Physical distribution is performed to the metropolitan areas of Athens/Piraeus and Thessaloniki, as well as to other major Greek cities, industrial parks and trade zones.

AEO Accredited services on link with customs
ISO certified (ISO-9001:2015, ISO-14001:2015)
Import& Export service
Storage short term & long term
Counting & Tallying
Grouping & Consolidating
Packaging & Labeling
Palletizing & de-palletizing
Sorting by product, order, lot, ageing
Customized reporting
Order picking
Order assembly
Cargo insurance
Security service
Electronic documentation
Physical distribution
Cargo survey