We consider our company as a social formation run by motivated people. The key for our future lies in the knowledge, education, talents, skills, experience, intelligence, training, judgment, ethics, loyalty and wisdom of our people. Key elements are also family values and social skills. These are endowments of our human capital. Our performance reflects the qualities of our people as resources put to productive use individually and collectively. In our business culture, human capital represents a form of wealth which can be directed to accomplish the goals of the company and can be a more important determinant of long term economic success than virtually any other resource.
Our approach towards development of our Human Resources is:

Developing talent strategy to meet business needs
Putting in place a talent culture to self-motivation
Exercise of active, fair and effective corporate leadership 
Encouragement, empowerment and restrictions on people where necessary
Strengthening Human Resources through engagement and regulatory compliance
Improvement of cost, quality and speed of services such as recruiting, training, and administration
We provide hygiene conditions at work, case for our HR and implement policy to keep COVID-19 away