PHOENIX  was incorporated in Piraeus, Greece in July 1991. Corporate Business Strategy pursued consistently ongoing qualities of a capable and sustainable industry differentiator in freight forwarding, logistics and supply chain management.

Business development over the years achieved a set of corporate goals to build around and across them Distinct Competitive Advantage in Global markets. Primary goals so far achieved are:

Wide range of Mainstream and Specialty Freight Services
Loyal clientile in Global markets
Unique Accredited Compliance portfolio
Design and Launch of world class Quality Global Services
Enhancement of Customer basis and Comprehensive Global Network of Agents
Expanse with offices in Cyprus, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Albania and the Balkan hinterland.
Internal Development of Customer Dependability and Business Responsiveness
Technological Innovation in business processing for customer benefit
Ongoing Human Resources Development
Continuous Profitability for the benefit of Shareholders, Management and Staff
Industry Association with Professional Institutions
Development of Ethical Code of Business Conduct

Company HQs are located in Piraeus port and facilities extend to Athens, Thessaloniki and Heraclion. PHOENIX also maintains offices and stations in Cyprus, Bulgaria, FYRO Macedonia, Albania and the Balkan hinterland. Airports served are ATH, SKG, HER, LCA, SOF, SKP, TIA.