General Cargo is often the term used for shipments of durable goods that do not require special treatment, transportation conditions, handling arrangements and documentation. It is harmless cargo susceptible for storage and loading in general, non-specialized stowage areas whereas it moves on standard transportation equipment. It is usually packed in boxes, barrels, bales, crates, packages, bundles and pallets. It is shipped on regular itineraries as ocean freight in standard containers, airfreight under ambient conditions, and overland transport by standard road trailers or railway wagons.

We maintain complete range of general cargo transportation services across international markets offering to our customers possibilities for global freight movement. We ship ocean freight (FCL/LCL), airfreight individual or consolidation, road transportation (FTL/PTL/LTL), Intermodal (WP HC) and railway transport (FRW/PRW). We arrange CPT, CIP, EXW, FCA collections, DAT, DAP and DDP deliveries, handling, storage, customs clearance and freight insurance. We provide additional services as packing, unpacking, warehousing, distribution, cargo surveys, collecting and reimbursing freight collect, as well as consultancy services.